What sort of air weapons do members shoot?

Air rifles and air pistols may be used at BAGS, provided they are within the UK legal limit for air weapons – 12ft/lbs for air rifles and 6ft/lbs for air pistols.

NB. No BB pistols or FAC guns

Our members use a range of air weapons, including:

Spring powered air rifles (Springers)
As the name suggests, these air weapons are powered by an internal spring to power the piston forwards to push the pellet out of the barrel.

Gas Ram
Similar workings to a Spring rifle, but these air weapons contain a sealed Ram to power the piston.

Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP)
These air weapons are filled with air from a diving cylinder or pump. They are recoil-less and many would say are the easiest to master.

You can expect most of the members to advise you on their favorite types and makers of guns and let you have a go.

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